I love it when my mum gets the old photo box out. I could sit for hours sifting through the mixed up pile of 6×4 prints asking “where was this?” “who is that?” and “why does he have that on his head?”. The memories of those times come flooding back as I hold the expertly developed photos in my hands and I’m right back in that moment. Dogs present and past hold a huge part of our hearts and I for one want to be able to remember that when I look at the artwork displayed in my home.

As stated when you first visit my website, I feel very strongly about keeping physical memories. I think that if a photo is going to live inside your hard drive, never to be seen again, why would you bother taking it in the first place?

For prints and artwork I use a 3rd generation family printing business that was established in 1954. They use state of the art printing equipment and are knowledgeable and passionate about providing the best quality printing for their customers.

I am 100% committed to ensuring that all artwork purchased from me is to the highest standard and will stand the test of time. For this reason I guarantee all artwork for five years and will replace anything that is not perfect at a reduced rate within that time frame.