YO15 3QU

  • Toilets
  • Parking (Summer £3/Winter donation)
  • Large open space
  • Great at sunrise
  • Excellent for action shots
  • Cafe
  • Can get busy at weekends with lots of dogs
  • Not the best for portraits

I love photographing dogs at Fraisthorpe but more importantly, they love it too! There is so much space here and that makes it perfect for action shots. If you dog loves chasing a ball and you want to capture that, Fraisthorpe is perfect. The seabed is flat too which is great for those shots of your dog enjoying splashing in the sea. During the week it is fairly quiet but it can get very busy at weekends with lots of dogs around. The early-bird really does catch the worm here – if you’re out of bed and there before the sunrise you can be rewarded with great opportunities for silhouette shots and gorgeous warm photos .