Hi! I am Sarah, It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting A Tail’s Tale Photography website!

I have had a keen interest in photography for many years and studied the subject at college alongside graphic design. After moving away from photography for a few years and training to become a primary school teacher the draw photography pulled me back. First as a hobby, photographing friends’ dogs and now as my job.

Dogs have always played a huge role in my life from being introduced to my Auntie’s Wuzzy at a young age I knew I needed a four legged friend at my side. Not being able to own a dog myself I settled for the next best thing and every night without fail annoyed my poor neighbours knocking on their door to ask if I could walk and play with their three dogs Charlie, Larry and Harvey. Another special dog that entered my life during my teenage years was my best friend’s dog Benji, he was everything you could ask for in a companion and would never fail to cheer you up when you most needed it.

Of course one of the first things that I did after moving out of my parents’ house was get a dog of my own. We love our Bilbo Baggins so much and as you will see, he is definitely my ‘go to guy’ for pup modelling when I need to practice my photography skills.

I feel so privileged to have had so many dogs around me growing up and they have pushed me to create this business and the job that I love . Meeting dogs, finding out their stories and helping their humans make memories of them that will last forever makes me exceptionally happy.

I have recently undertaken a course in canine first aid by the UK’s best canine first aid training company Rhodes 2 Safety.