A tale about…me!

  1. I live in Hull, East Yorkshire
  2. I am 26 years old, but keep forgetting
  3. I LOVE photography and dogs
  4. I shoot with a Nikon D610 and my favourite lens for dog photography is my Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8
  5. I studied Graphic Design and Photography at A Level and attended photography classes every week for 4 months last year to continue my professional development
  6. I am marries to James who is my rock, soulmate and gives healing hugs!
  7. I have a dog called Bilbo who is a cockerpoo, but doesn’t look like one
  8. I am a qualified primary school teacher and worked as a teacher for two years
  9. I live with James, Bilbo and two of our lovely friends
  10. I play netball in the All England league
  11. James and I got married in July on the North York Moors
  12. I have a very supportive family and amazing friends who I love very much
  13. I am an anxious over thinker
  14. I spent last year travelling Australia with James in a small camper van and picked apples at the top of wonky ladders and drove (almost crashed) tractors
  15. When I was younger and being driven in the back of the car, I used to hold my fingers and thumbs in that rectangle shape that artists make to try and ‘capture’ the perfect photo as we drove by
  16. I desperately want to grow my hair long but naturally chop it all off as my inner voice demands when it gets to my shoulders (please tell me you relate?)
  17. I LOVE rugby league and am a lover of all things red and white
  18. I have a tattoo of a robin on my thigh, see above point ^
  19. I recently became qualified in canine first aid, dogs are very precious and I like to be over prepared
  20. My favourite place to visit is the Lake District, it’s the most idyllic place and has a sense of calm nowhere else has